Suzuki Cavalcade LX 1986 at my home yard on summer 2009
Welcome to my personal Cavalcade pages. You’ll find most of the content related to 1986 model LX of mine. Other models (GT, LXE) are only briefly mentioned. By no means this is not a complete Cavalcade site, heck no. There are many more informative pages available, to which I´m referring with links. I hope you enjoy your visit and maybe pick an idea or two about your Cade - as my intention is to include many detailed pictures in A Peek Inside during winter 2009-2010 as I progress with my quest into the soul of my Cade. As Internet is a free network for all available information in the world, I have lend many things from here and there. For comments, suggestions and law suits, I´ll include my contact details here: nettisamurai(at) Feel free to copy and use whatever you find useful here.
Word Origin & History Cavalcade 1591, via M.Fr., from It. cavalcata, from cavalcare "to ride on horseback," from V.L. *caballicare, from L. caballus (cavalier). Literally, "a procession on horseback," in 20c. -cade came to be regarded as a suffix and taken to form motorcade (1913), etc. Online Etymology Dictionary, © 2001 Douglas Harper
one can ride many moons